Sunday, February 18, 2007

Yes I am proud to be an American

And I am even more proud to field a question for someone willing to stake their life for me. As I am sure everyone feels whether they agree or not about wether we should be in Iraq. So I was happy to answer the following question today:

I served in Iraq for the year of 2006. I recently received my W2 from the U S Government Military and Box 1 has the wrong amount. They said I earned $ ***** however my SSwages Box 2 shows $ ****** . How can I get a corrected W-2 from the Military as soon as possible?
(actual numbers left out for privacy issues)

So my answer was that his W2 was correct ! The reason why his gross wages were drastically less than his social security wages is that "combat pay" is not taxable. I also refered him to an excellent article on how to maximize the benefits of combat pay.

This question came to me because of a resource that you can find on my website that helps you out in case you have lost your W2 form.