Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One plus one equals ?

There is an old joke about a business owner that is interviewing accounting candidates for a job. Each one is asked the same question, "How much is one one plus one" and then dismissed when they answer two. Finally one person was hired. His answer was different.

What do you want it to be ?

Yes some accountants can make numbers appear as they want it to be. Most people are not comfortable with that approach. Truth be told there are legitimate ways to portray financial statements differently than tax returns.

The other way that one plus one does not equal two is when there is collaboration. The collective efforts of two people working together is much more than the sum of their individual efforts.

There are some excellent free tools on the Internet that are collaborative. Google Docs is a free service that allows more than one user to work at the same time on the same document or spreadsheet. Though the early reviews were not that great, quietly Google has been improving this product.

Another free product that is collaborative is the free accounting software available at :

What is great about this accounting package is you can collaborate with me. Please feel free to contact me via email cpa@post.com or chat on my website http://www.cpabookkeepers.com/ or call me toll free (866) 559-6434

The important thing to remember is that when we are open to work with others the potential for our growth is exponential. So no matter what it is that you are doing today, especially if progress is slow consider how you can avail the use of others to accelerate progress.

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