Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chat with a CPA

Can I have a word with you?

This may not be a good question when the person asking that question is big, strong and angry. It might mean that it's time to consider running really fast! However when it is a friendly CPA is asking you that question it might be an offer you should not refuse.

So if are interested and would like to chat with a cpa then you should click here.

You may think that your issues are not able to be resolved, however often that is not the case. Recently a friend was considering whether he should purchase a flock of sheep as a new business venture. In fact he spent several weeks learning and working literaly in "the field". This was a venture that I found particularly interesting so I was getting updates form him in this new business opportunity. So I was very suprised to find out that he was abondoning this business because of the ever rising commodities used as feed.

He was very shocked when I explained to him that he could hedge his risk to rise in commodities by purchasing options. We went over his options and he was very happy to understand that he may not have to walk away from this new venture.

You may also may not be aware of answers that I may have for the issues that are hurting your business. If you are curious please feel free to go to or simply call me on my toll free# (866) 559-6434 .

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libertybelle said...

what do i do when a cpa has shared incorrect personal information with my workers, we are a s corp and he bragged he purposely was able to spread lies for over a year, put us out of business and was wondering if we were being sued for breach of contract, all this and he was still the register for our company. no money for a suit. help