Saturday, November 28, 2009

Google Wave for Business

On friday I received my invite for Google Wave. Considering that I am a big fan of Google and a user of many of their products I accepted their invitation promptly.

So why am I excited about Google Wave?

  1. Collaboration - The ability to bring new people into a Wave and get them up to speed quickly.
  2. Best of email and instant messaging plus much more.
  3. Amazing potential for support
What are my reservations?

The main reservation I have is that the way invitations have been dolled out the number of users is limited. This means that the main reason for using Google Wave, collaboration, is difficult without other users to collaborate with.

Do you want to Wave?

I have some invitations left. So if you would like to collaborate with me. Or possibly be refered by me then drop me an email and I will likely send you an invite.

1 comment:

Joey said...

Find me on Wave I am trying to put together a project for CPA's and I'll add you to the wave. You can also reach me on twitter @joey_b