Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Employee recognition ? new spin on employee recognition ..

You probably think that employee recognition means when an employee is singled out for a great contribution and a job well done. However some people have put a new spin on employee recognition. Now the recognition is for the employee who has the worst boss. So there is a web site sponsored by the AFL-CIO that has a contest for the most awful story about an employees bad boss. Before you go to the site which I will supply the link for please read on to see why it may be a place you can do without.

Wikipedia has a great definition of the law of attraction:
"The Universal Law of Attraction is basically the notion that likes attracts like, and that means that what you focus your mind on will manifest in your reality."

What this means is that if we focus on a certain result it seems to come about. So simply stated spending time reading stories about who has the worst boss, and voting on who has the worst story, may make that your reality. I would rather focus on a pleasant employer, who is caring, thoughtful, considerate and gracious in doling out compensation. My wish for you is that the boss I just described is yours or your present employer is getting closer to that ideal. Then maybe we can go back the old idea of employee recognition such as a raise or a new corner office.

If after all that you're you are still curious about the site, or perhaps you think your story is so awful that you might win the contest then here is the site my bad boss.

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