Friday, June 09, 2006

Good news about the new offer in compromise

If we look hard enough at an issue there is always a positive angle. A good example of this would be the new and improved IRS offer in compromise program. I failed to mention in my post two days ago that included in the new legislation is that offers not rejected by the IRS within 24 months are considered accepted.

Due to the July 16 deadline, when the new changes will take effect, there has been an abundance of filings prior to the change. What this means is that it is very likely that the IRS will be overloaded with cases based on the the old system. Considering how antiquated their computer systems are I wouldn't be surprised if filings posted right after July 16 might not get responded to within 24 months. In fact even though I truly believe the IRS has become much improved, there has still been a wealth of stories where deadlines had passed with no action.

If one feels that they have a strong case for acceptance of their offer then I would suggest they go with it before July 16 so they do not have to make a 20% down payment. Because the strategy of hoping that there will be no response to an offer sure sounds like a longshot.

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