Thursday, June 08, 2006

IRS - it really is the internal revenue SERVICE

Today I was really pleasantly surprised to find the service I received from the IRS. I called on a collection matter for a client and the phone was answered with a hold time of less than a minute. We actually enjoyed the conversation and resolved more than one issue.

There is one secret that I would like to tell you about how I accomplished what I did. Most of us have a sick yuky feeling when we hear the word IRS. This might be natural but it is not helpful.
Sometimes we forget that the person representing the IRS is just that a person, usually working under conditions that they take a lot of abuse. So if we get on the phone with them with a smile on our face ( yes people feel your smile even over the phone ), you will probably get that smile back. You are then more likely to get the best possible resolution - like an abatement of penalty ! So I got on the phone with a big smile and a warm hello and by the end of the call over $ 400 of tax was abated, not bad for a twenty minute conversation(and a lot less stressful too).

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